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Could Ozempic Treat Addiction Cravings?
Learn the potential of Ozempic in curbing addiction cravings and weigh the ethical and clinical considerations for its off-label use.
Polysubstance Abuse: A New Challenge in the Opioid Crisis
Learn the dangers of polysubstance abuse and how it compounds the impact of the opioid crisis.
Can Halloween Trigger Relapse?
Know about triggers for substance abuse relapse during Halloween. Learn how you stay on track with your sobriety.
The Impact of Substance Use on Sleep
Explore the link between substance use, sleep, and health. Plus, learn about common sleep disorders that people in addiction recovery typically experience.
Substance-Free Strategies for a Feel-Good Life
Feel good without damaging your health or your finances. Learn about the different substance-free strategies in this blog.
The Hidden Costs of Addiction
Learn about the hidden costs of addiction, how it affects one's personal life and the economy, and what you can do to prevent it.
Stimulant Abuse in Sports: Doping and its Consequences
Read on this article to discover the consequences of stimulant abuse in sports and its impact on fair competition.
How to Overcome Benzodiazepine Addiction Through Tapering
Learn about the risks of untreated benzodiazepine addiction, the right technique to taper off drugs, and the variety of treatment options that are available to you.
Can Stress Cause Addiction?
Understand the connection between stress and addiction and discover stress-busting techniques in this informative blog.
The Benefits of Seeking Detox in Oregon
Discover the unique benefits of detox in Portland, Oregon, where serene natural landscapes meet top-tier addiction treatment services.

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