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Our facility

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Situated in a private home-like setting just outside of Portland, Oregon, our center is a safe, comfortable place to detox from chemical dependency and begin the process of addiction recovery.

Detox Center Photos

We aim to provide a superior quality of care in a comfortable setting so that our clients can begin their journey into recovery and overcome their chemical dependencies.

A welcoming environment

Unlike other detox centers, which too often feel sterile and hospital-like, Pacific Crest Trail Detox Center offers all of the professional, medical, and psychological help and supervision you or your loved one needs for a safe and successful recovery, but in a warm, welcoming, and supportive environment.

pacific crest trail detox facility living space

Professionally cooked meals

We serve three nutritious meals per day, with special attention given to specific dietary needs when necessary. We also offer periodic snacks. Our friendly kitchen staff cook delicious meals which are enjoyed in a shared setting where you can socialize with others going through recovery.

portland oregon detox facility kitchen meals

Comfortable rooms

Our detox facilities meet the highest standards of clinical care. We provide bedding, toiletries, and other household supplies. We offer primarily gender-specific, two-person bedrooms, but we try to accommodate special boarding needs when possible. We use shared restrooms to ensure clients safety and sobriety.


Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the facility

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Can patients have their own room?
Depending on our census we may be able to accommodate, however we cannot provide any guarantees. 
Can patients bring their phone?
No, but we do have a house phone.
What does a typical day look like?

Morning assessments, breakfast, group meetings, lunch, dinner, evening groups. 12-step meetings, relapse prevention groups. 

Do patients receive medications?
Do we allow smoking or nicotine products?
Can we have visitors?


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