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Our philosophy

Tailored treatment programs

At Pacific Crest Trail Detox, our team realizes the idea of enrolling in detox programs may be intimidating, so we do everything in our power to provide each individual with a comfortable and safe environment. During your time here, you will participate in the following aspects of the recovery process.

Medications to manage withdrawals Clients are prescribe medications by our medical staff to help manage their chemical dependency and withdrawal symptoms.
Group therapy We believe the recovery journey starts on the first day. We help client begin to cope with emotional and psychological challenges by learning new skills in groups that are facilitated by a staff member.  

We’re a mission driven company

We want to work ourselves out of a job one addict at a time. Our programs are designed to provide the beginning to long term recovery, so the client gets what they need during the first treatment experience. 


Our Programs

Our program provides 24-hour care. Physical, psychological, and emotional health are vital to our mission in addiction recovery. Pacific Crest Trail Detox ensures a thorough pre-admission screening so that we ensure we are the best fit for every individual.

  • Detoxification services
  • Medical and clinical interventions
  • 24-hour supervised care

Your stay

Over the course of 8 days, our clients will adjust to a lifestyle of sobriety. Furthermore, we’ll provide a seamless transition to residential treatment. Research shows completing detox with no follow up care will give the addict an 8% chance of success. Our goal is to be a starting point for the continuum of care. Detoxification is essential during the long process of treatment and healing. Our staff will assist each client in determining where they will discharge for further care.

  • 8 days with further care as needed
  • Professional staff at your care
  • Clients always get the best quality care. 


Our facilities are boutique, home-like settings in a comfortable suburb of the Portland metropolitan area. Clients entering our detox center have the support of our compassionate staff. Staff are immediately ready to assist clients with the highest quality of care. Clients occupy gender-specific, two-person bedrooms. For more severe detoxes, we have a four person dorm right outside our nurses station. Accommodations will be made to satisfy special boarding wherever possible.

  • Three nutritional meals per day and snacks
  • Serve all specific nutritional needs
  • Clean living space, clean bathrooms to ensure safe and sober behaviour
  • Bedding, toiletries, household supplies, and all other items essential to the detoxification process.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the program
Is our Portland Detox program right for you?
Substance abuse can be immensely hard to overcome without medical help, and often, attempts to stop on one’s own are futile. Fortunately, if you are searching for effective and compassionate detox programs in Portland, Pacific Crest Trail Detox is here to help. We understand the social, medical, and psychological needs of individuals suffering from chemical dependencies, and that is why we take the time to personalize each clients’ treatment and recovery plan. If drugs or alcohol are ruining your life and relationships, detox may be just what you need to get started on the road to recovery.
What is detox and how does it treat chemical dependency?

Contrary to what many believe, chemical dependency is not a moral issue. It is, however, a serious physical and psychological problem that requires medical attention. When a person attempts to refrain from using drugs or alcohol (go cold turkey), they may experience painful and debilitating, and in some cases, life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. This is why many individuals struggling with chemical dependency are unable to stop abusing substances on their own.

As more of a substance is ingested, the body becomes used to the substance, and its chemistry begins to alter itself to accommodate the substance. When the body stops receiving the normal amount of this substance, withdrawal symptoms may occur. It is possible, however, to remove the substance from the body and rebuild a healthy, balanced life with the help of our drug and alcohol detox programs.

What do I need to bring to detox treatment?
Learn what to bring and what not to bring when packing for your stay at the PCTD detox center— download our Detox Packing List
What insurance providers do you accept?

We accept various insurance providers including Moda, Providence, Shasta, Regents, TriCare, TriWest, MHN, and more. We can also work with out of network benefits. Call us and we'll help you run a insurance verification.

How long is the typical treatment?

Detox programs last 8 days and we work with patients to come up with a plan for after care.

Do you have aftercare services once the detox treatment is finished?

We have aftercare options at Oregon Trail Recovery, including PHP, IOP and OP.

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