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In 2017, Pacific Crest Trail Detox was created as a non-hospital stand alone detox to provide clients with research based, professional, and compassionate care in a home-like setting. The owners, Ben and Jennifer Randolph are both in long term recovery and are driven by the mission of working themselves out of a job one addict at a time. 
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Our Story

At the age of 28, I hit rock bottom.

I managed to get myself into a detox facility with nothing but the clothes on my back. I was determined to turn my life around, but I was also a single dad with a one-year-old and a two-year-old to take care of.

If was a difficult time, but I knew I had to do it for myself and for my children.

After 103 days in treatment and a year in outpatient, I went on to earn my Masters degree in addiction counseling. After working several jobs in addiction treatment I continued to become an administrator and counselor. In March 2005 I started Compassionate Interventions, which fueled my passion for helping others. I ran hundreds of interventions and helped people get into treatment who otherwise may not have.

Pacific Crest Trail Detox aims to be that first step, just like the one I took 25 years ago. I’ve committed my life to the growth and wellness of my clients, and this is a core value I’ve carried forward as we’ve built Pacific Crest Trail Detox. Our programs include provides partial hospitalization (day treatment), intensive outpatient, and outpatient programming. The goal is to help clients become well-rounded individuals through living a life of recovery.

As a dad, no longer single and with 7 kids in total, I know firsthand the challenges of balancing recovery and parenthood. My personal journey with addiction and recovery has inspired me to build a program that aims to be the last treatment program you'll ever need.


Benjamin Randolph,
Founder of Pacific Crest Trail Detox

Our team

Those who make it happen

Our passionate team that makes it possible for our patients successful recoveries
Benjamin Founder & CEO
Jennifer Founder & COO
Sam Head of Operations
Darin Medical Director

Is Our Portland Detox Program Right for You?

Substance abuse can be immensely hard to overcome without medical help, and often, attempts to stop on one’s own are futile. Fortunately, if you are searching for effective and compassionate detox programs in Portland, Pacific Crest Trail Detox is here to help. We understand the social, medical, and psychological needs of individuals suffering from chemical dependencies, and that is why we take the time to personalize each clients’ treatment and recovery plan. If drugs or alcohol are ruining your life and relationships, detox may be just what you need to get started on the road to recovery.


What is Detox and How Does it Treat Chemical Dependency?

Contrary to what many believe, chemical dependency is not a moral issue. It is, however, a serious physical and psychological problem that requires medical attention. When a person attempts to refrain from using drugs or alcohol (go cold turkey), they may experience painful and debilitating, and in some cases, life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. This is why many individuals struggling with chemical dependency are unable to stop abusing substances on their own.

As more of a substance is ingested, the body becomes used to the substance, and its chemistry begins to alter itself to accommodate the substance. When the body stops receiving the normal amount of this substance, withdrawal symptoms may occur. It is possible, however, to remove the substance from the body and rebuild a healthy, balanced life with the help of our drug and alcohol detox programs.


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