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Detox Differentiators: What Sets Us Apart

You have options when it comes to choosing detox. Learn about detox differentiators in Portland and how our intimate and small detox center is right for you.

It is a fact that you have options when it comes to choosing where you go to detox.  Your insurance provider is aware of this. Your family is often aware of this, and for the most part, so are you. A detox treatment center will standardly explain to you what sets them apart from all the rest. It is subject to be taken with a grain of salt, especially if you have been to several different detox centers.

So What Sets Our Detox Apart From The Rest?


Pacific Crest Trail Detox's facility is both small and intimate. Located in a private home setting, the facility is fully staffed by detox technicians and nurses who provide all the detox needs of each and every client. This is easily accomplished due to the fact that our maximum capacity for beds is capped at 8 clients. So, that is the equivalent of having 4 students to one teacher; knowing and understanding that they are going to learn the most, just as the clients are going to get the most out of their care.

The intimate and comfortable setting backed by trained staff is one thing, the next phase is entirely another. We as an organization understand this. That is why Pacific Crest Trail Detox has based their foundation on a premium referral source as priority one. The first day they are admitted the client begins the detox process. The transfer aspect is planned literally the next day, with networking and outreaching to neighboring treatment centers local to the Pacific Northwest, as well as others on a national basis.

It is through this small consensus, fully staffed with a highly trained and focused staff which is in touch with the local community around them in which we find what sets us apart. It is where we try to fill in the gaps that have been vacant in Portland, OR for so long. And it is through this focus in which we find the greatest reward; helping the still suffering alcoholic and addict begin their journey of recovery from day one.


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J. Dalton Williams BA

Pacific Crest Trail Detox

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